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Auli Trek - Uttarakhand

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Delhi to Auli – An Under Budget Pathway to Heaven – BOOK AT 23% OFF

Auli is one of the most beautiful best place to visit in Uttarakhand & lots of people visit Auli from Delhi. It is one of the best places to visit for skiing located at the elevation of 9186 feet (2800 meters) in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Auli is a part of the Garhwal mountain range and the place is especially known for winter as well as summer destination of India. In Winter the place describes his beauty in the shower of snowfall when all the mountains are covered with the white blanket of snow and the activity part of ice skiing and ice skating put an extra star on his beauty. After summer when springs come the field air fills with the fragrance of blossoms and in winter the hills that cover the single color white blanket now merge in the different colors of flowers and the lakes of the AULI give you the unimaginative view which nourishes your eyes with the real natural beauty.

Here you will get complete elaborated guidance about the trip how you can trek all under Rs.. 4000 only. Below everything helps you set your budget from the start of the trip till the end. It includes all details about the extra cost that makes your expense under your control. We hope it helps you increase the fun, less the amount spent from your pocket in the trip, and make an under budget trip you can also call it as sabse sastatrip for you.

  • Camping available  on multiple sharing Basis
  • Night Stay Camp  Available in tents. Providing you the sleeping bags with water proof tents and Enjoy the Night Under the Star!
  •  Quality Rooms Book at Hotel at Cheapest Price and get the amazing view of your trekking
  • Get your Dinner on Your Table on The First Day.
  • Second Morning Starting with the Hot Healthy Breakfast.
  • The Meal Provided is Well Cooked Healthy Vegetarian Food For You. You can Take your Non-veg Food with. we arrange the utensils for you. 
  • Experience the Adventure of Treking Through out the Root.
  • Camping That make the night Full with Lot of Fun Under The Star.
  • Born-fire who Make The night Full Of Lighting.
  • Activities that Proper there like River Rafting, Paragliding, Bunging Jumping, Sky Diving etc
  • Travel / Treking Time may vary if Some Changes in Weather Occur
  •  You Have to Charge 20% to 30% For Confirm Your Booking Previously. 
  • You have to Follow The Decision of Your Trek Guider.
  • You are Responsible of your OWN Luggage and Carry Minimum Weight as Possible
  • You Find The Network Problem so Make sure Done  with all The Important Call Before Starting The TRek.
  • Personal Transport and Food From Outside is not included.
  • All Relevant Licence and Trekking Permit to Kheerganga under Law.
  •  Tent will be Totally Waterproof so you Can Get The Memorable Experience of Kheerganga Trek. 
  • Trekking expertise and Guidelines.
  • Music and Camping who Make the Night Rocking.
  • Serve you The Tastiest and Healthiest Food who make your Breakfast and Dinner soo Yummy. 
Chair lift of Auli

Auli Guidance includes :-


1. How to reach Auli ( includes : traveling, Local Traveling, Hotel Rent, Food cost, Activities cost )

2. Best time to visit Auli ( Winter, Summer Spring)

3. Total traveling timings in details

4. Approximate travel cost

5. Attractions of Auli

6. Some less explored places of Auli

How to reach Auli


If you like to travel by bus then Delhi is the best place for you to start the journey. The best route you can afford is like Delhi – Rishikesh – Joshimath – Auli.


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Auli Distance From Delhi: 381 Kms

Auli distance From Delhi, it takes 6 to 7 hours from Delhi to reach Rishikesh by bus depending on traffic conditions which covers a distance of 240 kilometres at all. There are Volvo buses in Delhi which will cost you around 350 to 500 INR for the journey. The best part of your travelling is that you have a stoppage of Rishikesh which is always famous for River Rafting. It will take a maximum of half of your day If you move from Delhi in the midnight near 10:00 pm to 11:00 pm you easily reach Rishikesh near to 8:00 pm then you also include this amazing experience in your trip named as River Rafting and take the bus by evening towards Joshimath. River Rafting charges include as according to the round area selected by you ( Rs 1000 to Rs 1500 ) ( 7kms to 15kms ) respectively.

From Rishikesh you have to ride another bus towards Joshimath for a journey of 250 kilometres. It will take 7 to 8 hours to reach the beautiful village named Joshimath. This journey costs you 400 to 650 INR if you go by bus. You can reserve a private taxi too which will cost you 4000 to 4500 INR for 7 person for a  car like Innova but as compare to bus Car is much more comfortable it gives you the complete privacy you can choose your stop as per your wish the cost of the car is a little high but it save your time and give you a little luxury in a part of travelling.

From Josimath you can reach Auli by local buses who can charge 30 INR as the local fare or again you can book a car too. But the best part of the trip is traveling by cable car to which AULI famous for you also not stop your steps toward his ride after watching this. I gave all the details of the cable car in the later part of the article.

decleration that auli is open

Budget Hotels/Hostels in Auli Uttarakhand: Hotels in Auli – BEST DISCOUNT PRICE

If you like to travel by train the nearest Rail station is Dehradun and Rishikesh Ticket ranges in between ( 130 to 400 INR ) according to sitting. From there you have to reach by road only as I discussed earlier.
Best place to visit in himachal

Auli Best Time to Visit

You can visit Auli all over the year except for the rainy season. Auli gives a different experience in each season of the year but the best time to visit Auli is in winter/spring season. In winter, Auli consider as best place to visit in Uttarakhand becomes a snow-covered Paradise which makes it one of the best winter destinations of India. If you really love the adventure of skiing then the best time is November to February and you must include this in your activity that gives you an additional experience in your life because it not only makes the fun but also it creates an unforgettable memory in your trip. You can experience the snow ball fighting, snow fall, create your big dream snow man and a lot of things. Most attractive part of winter is on a sunny day you can see a lot of Himalayan peaks from Auli. On a clear day Auli offers a panoramic view of peaks like Nanda Devi, Dunagiri and Kamet. Spring starts from the ending month of march when the white blanket mountain now wears the blanket of greenery. The beautiful flowers make it more decorative and fill all the colors of the rainbow. The AULI lake is surrounded by a lot of colorful flowers that give you a different glamour to the field and presents a charming look that totally amaze your eyes. The amazing clouds that run with your feet in the big grassland, moving with the background of mountains provide you a proper photogenic look. You make a lot of memories and spend a good quality time with friends / families. Those two seasonal experiences make AULI the best place to visit in himachal again and again.

Auli Weather:

  • Auli Weather in Summer: April till July (8°c – 15°c)
  • Auli Weather in Winter Season: expect the temperature to dip down to -8 degrees Celsius
  • Auli Weather in Monsoon (July – September): Fluctuating between 10°c and 20°c
Best place to visit in uttarakhand

Attractions of Auli

1. The famous cable car

The world famous cable car of Auli is located at the elevation of 3010 metre above sea level. The journey starts at Joshimath and after a breathtaking ride it ends at Auli. It is the second highest and longest cable car ride of Asia. If you ask local people about it they call it ‘Gondola’. The journey covers a distance of 3.8 kilometres and takes 20  minutes to 25 minutes approximately. It is a paid journey and it costs 1000 INR for a round trip from Joshimath to Auli. It is one of the ‘must do’ attraction of Auli. The wonderful top view of Auli gives you the proper value of your money like full “ Paisa vasool ”. This is the one of the ultimate things that you must experience whenever you visit Auli.

2. Skiing in Auli

Auli is one of the best skiing destinations in the world. In winter Auli is surrounded by snow covered oak and coniferous forest which makes the skiing ambience. Auli has various provisions for skiing both for the beginners and professionals. It takes 400 INR per person for skiing gears. You have to spend 100 INR for a special dress for skiing and 100 more for snowboarding and the money is worth it. You will surely gain a lifetime experience while skiing in snow covered Auli. This Skiing activity make the Auli evergreen fun time with friends, family and truly consider the best place to visit in uttarakhand , best place of dehradun. The fun of Skiing runs in Auli all over the winter but you can try it in January as in this time Auli receives maximum amount of snowfall, increasing the amount of enjoyment , enlarge the amount of fun.

Skiing in Auli

3. Chair lift of Auli

Auli chair lift is one of the best ways to reach the skiing slopes. Auli chair lift runs frequently during the winter season and it doesn’t have any fixed timing. It takes you directly to the skiing slopes from where you can reach Auli lake by little walk. It may cost 300 for a single side trip and 500 for a round trip. The distance is not too long. You can take a walk towards the skiing slopes by viewing the magical fields of Auli sure that time is really calculated as unlimited fun for you.

Chair lift of Auli UTTARAKHAND

4. Auli lake

Auli lake is an artificial lake located near the cliff top of Auli who make the reason to consider the place as best place to visit in Uttarakhand. It is one of the highest Man Made Lake of India. In winter the lake gets frozen. You can reach it by the chair lift or you can trek for 15 minutes by road viewing the classic nature of auli covering you from both sides via the little distance of 2 kilometres. You can find some local birds and meet some local people during this trek. The lake view is really undefined as it located at the edge of the mountain in winter when it surround by the snow totally look like the eye or you can also consider as lens of the mountain and in summer you can see the purity of the water merge in totally blue in color cover with the green grasses. The bigger largest mountain increases its beauty at the top such beauty you cannot find on any side of India except AULI.


Best place to visit in uttarakhand package

Popular Food Stop In Delhi

Auli is also famous for the place named PINDARI. You also hear this name in the movie of SALMAN KHAN named as “ VEER ” . I agree the movie is not too good but the place PINDARI I tell you about is really famous for its delicious pure vegetarian thali. It includes a good number of Dal, vegetable, Rice, Stuffed Naan,  Green Leafy Salad and you can select curd as per your choice the have very good variety in Curds. For Non vegetarian One more place called as Kachmauli famous for its Traditional meat dish a proper Non-veg Thali.

Unexplored Best places to visit in Auli

Some of the best places to visit in Auli

1. Chattarkund

Chattarkund is one of the less explored places of Auli which is located in the centre of a dense forest. Chattarkund is famous for its sweet crystal clear water and a picturesque view in the Forest. You have to trek for 4 kilometres from Auli. In the way you will get a place named Gorson Bugyal.

2. Chenab lake

Chenab lake is an unexplored water body near Joshimath. There is no actual path but an unbuilt way towards Chenab lake from Joshimath. If you are an adventure lover then you can ask the local people and they will definitely show you the way to Chenab lake.

3. Auli Ropeway

It is the major attraction of Auli which is offering magnificent & majestic Himalayan views.

4. Auli Artificial Lake

It is one of the world’s highest man-made lakes & just 2 km, 15 mins away from Auli.

5. Gorson Bugyal

It is located at an altitude of 3056 mts, just 3 kms trek from Auli. 

6. Kwani Bugyal

It’s a famous meadow known for untouched beauty of Himalayas & only 13 km away from Auli.

7. Joshimath

It takes only 24 mins from Auli or 10 km away.

8. Narsingh Temple

It’s a popular temple in Joshimath & only 10 km away from Auli. It is also Famous as a part of Sapt Badri, Narsingh Temple.

9. Auli Chair Lift

Auli Chair Lift connects Auli to the Skiing slopes of Auli.

Final words for Auli

Auli is one of the best places in Uttarakhand as well as the best place to visit in Uttarakhand. A large number of foreigners come to India just to experience the beauty of Auli. The breathtaking views, snow-covered pics, and the real snow adventures will surely take a place in your heart for the rest of your life. All the above information helps you to fix your trip expenses before it starts and ends with the delicious memories. A lot of bigger ultimate fun-filled in full of enjoyment but with lower cost as Under Budget Trip.

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Confirmation Policy

  • You get a confirmation mail on your register mail id you have to log in after selecting the package.
  • Contact details of your guider is properly shared with you so you can directly touch with him.
  • You get a confirmation call from guider who aware you with each and every details you need to know at the point of trekking before 2 to 3 days.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation may done before 15 to 20 days of starting the trip may get 90% to 100% money back as depend upon different companies
  • Any cancellation may happen 7 days before starting the trip may charge 50% as cancellation charges and rest of the money refund back to you in 7 working days. If cancellation done before 2 days or on the same day of trip then nothing back from the company side.

Refund Policy

  • All the cancellation amount reflect to your account within 7 to 14 working days

FAQ Related to Auli Trek

A distance from Delhi to Auli Trek is around 400 km via NH 44 as per Google info.


The best time to visit Auli Trek is April to November just because of pleasant weather.


In a minimal amount of 4000/- you can travel to Auli Trek from Delhi.


No, It is located in a remote region where getting network connectivity is very difficult.


You have to start trekking in the morning around 11 am because it takes 5-6 hrs.


The total distance of the Auli Trek is 10 km.

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