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Let plan the 7 days of Brahmatal Trek under the amount of 6499 ONLY

Brahmatal is a lake situated at the depth of Himalaya. In winter as the snow falls a start it becomes one of the best destinations of Himachal for trekkers. Key factors of this trek is throughout the way the scene changes frequently from dense shadowy forest of Oak Rhododendrons to snow-covered camping sites the mountain with snow gives proper value for your money. The pristine lake of Brahmatal welcomes new trekkers throughout the year. If you are going for tracking for the first time the BRAHMATAL Trek is one of the best place to visit in India for starting your trekking journey as under Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand.  In this Hampta pass journey you can compare there BRAHMATAL TREK Packages by all his varieties and save big as you can n a single platform Best Holiday Place. The frozen lake with mighty Himalayan peaks creates a magical essence that will remain with you forever who consider him as the best place for trekking for the trekkers. From Jhandi top, you will get the best view of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti.

  • Camping available  on multiple sharing Basis
  • Night Stay Camp  Available in tents. Providing you the sleeping bags with water proof tents and Enjoy the Night Under the Star!
  •  Quality Rooms Book at Hotel at Cheapest Price and get the amazing view of your trekking
  • Get your Dinner on Your Table on The First Day.
  • Second Morning Starting with the Hot Healthy Breakfast.
  • The Meal Provided is Well Cooked Healthy Vegetarian Food For You. You can Take your Non-veg Food with. we arrange the utensils for you. 
  • Experience the Adventure of Treking Through out the Root.
  • Camping That make the night Full with Lot of Fun Under The Star.
  • Born-fire who Make The night Full Of Lighting.
  • Activities that Proper there like River Rafting, Paragliding, Bunging Jumping, Sky Diving etc
  • Travel / Treking Time may vary if Some Changes in Weather Occur
  •  You Have to Charge 20% to 30% For Confirm Your Booking Previously. 
  • You have to Follow The Decision of Your Trek Guider.
  • You are Responsible of your OWN Luggage and Carry Minimum Weight as Possible
  • You Find The Network Problem so Make sure Done  with all The Important Call Before Starting The TRek.
  • Personal Transport and Food From Outside is not included.
  • All Relevant Licence and Trekking Permit to Kheerganga under Law.
  •  Tent will be Totally Waterproof so you Can Get The Memorable Experience of Kheerganga Trek. 
  • Trekking expertise and Guidelines.
  • Music and Camping who Make the Night Rocking.
  • Serve you The Tastiest and Healthiest Food who make your Breakfast and Dinner soo Yummy. 
Hampta Pass Trek packages price

According to the mythological facts, Lord Brahma once meditated here. It is one of the few trekking routes which invite trekkers in the months of winter when most of the trekking routes are closed. Lohajung, the base camp of this trek is a small town with enriched local culture. The way of Brahmatal trek is situated exactly in the opposite of the side of the famous Roopkund trek. The best time for this trek is late November to February.


In this article, you will get more details of the Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand to trek in winter starting with BRAHMATAL LAKE. Here you got a proper info about How you can manage your trip under the cost of Only Just “ Rs 4000 ”. Scroll to the end to know about every necessary thing you need to know before committing the trek. All the expanses spending on the trip, total traveling that you need to do including local fare, timings “reach the place ” “ complete the trekking ” “ local place to visit ” “ come back home ”. Food Cost and Hotel Rent. All this info helps you out to make a successful budget for the trip that everyone looking for a who increases the fun enhances the enjoyment creates a lot of memories under lower and economical budget.


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Hampta Pass Trek price

 Guidelines Included :- 

  • How to reach the base camp ( total travel distance )
  • Complete itinerary
  • Ideal duration of trek
  • Average trek cost
  • Important things to carry
  • Timings (Travelling & Trekking)
  • Food cost & Hotel Rent

Facts at a glance

Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

  • Nearest railway station – Rishikesh
  • Nearest airport – Jolly Grant Airport
  • Difficulty level – Moderate
  • Base camp – Lohajung
  • Maximum altitude – 12,250 feet

The bold word help you to guide in the easier way to to make your planning in the easier way.

Hampta Pass Trek packages

Complete Itinerary

Day 1 Haridwar/Rishikesh – Lohajung – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

You can reach Rishikesh or Haridwar by train from all over India. Most of the tourists like to come via Delhi as there are plenty of buses available towards Haridwar by covering the distance of 230 kilometers. It will take 5 to 6 hours to reach Rishikesh. The average cost includes in-between “ Rs.. 350 to Rs 500 ” according to rate provided by different travelers.  Lohajung is a small town of Uttarakhand situated at 7,700 feet above sea level. From Haridwar, it is a motorable way of 290 kilometers. It will take 10 to 11 hours to reach Loha Jung in the evening by the cost of “Rs 600 to Rs 800 ”. On the way, you will get views of peaks like Kamet and Panchachulli. There are plenty of cheap guesthouses to spend the night it may maximum cost you the room in-between “Rs 500 to Rs 800”. You have to sleep well this night because for the next four days you will not have a real bed.

Hampta Pass Trek - best place to visit in india

Day 2 Lohajung to Belkaltal – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

After an early breakfast start trek with your fellow guides and porter (not mandatory). You have to walk 6 kilometers to reach the beautiful campsite of Bekaltal. You have to take enough drinking water for this day.  The way goes through the upper region of Lohajung and after an hour you will reach Mandoli village.

After a few more hours, you will be able to see Kali valley on your left, where Kali and Pindari rivers join. After crossing a village named Budla you will find the most beautiful part of the trail. A way through dense Rhododendron forest.  From here the trail keeps climbing moderately. After one and a half hours of forest trail, you will find a flat land named Khopdalia where they both left-right side cover with the oaks tree. From here you have to walk for 15 more minutes to reach the brown water body of Bekaltal. It is situated at the elevation of 9700 feet. The lake is surrounded by Oak trees. You have to pitch your tent in the bank of the lake and spend the night here.

Hampta Pass Trek - best holiday place

Day 3 Bekaltal to Brahmatal – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

Brahmatal is a pristine lake situated at the elevation of 10,600 feet above the sea level where Lord Brahma has said to have meditated according to mythological facts. You can find too many Monal birds here, the national bird of Uttarakhand. You have to trek 6 kilometres  on this day with a initial steep climb for an hour its may covers a proper forest path. There is no water source throughout the way so you have to carry minimum 2 litres of water per person. After about an hour the forest will be left behind and you enter a meadow. On the way you will have a panorama view of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti in your right side. After two more hour of trek you will reach Jhandi top, the highest point of the ridge. You can see the entire Roopkund trail route from here.

From Jhandi top, you have to trek for 2 more kilometers to reach Brahmatal. It a gradually descend way towards the lake. The lake of Brahmatal is difficult to locate from a distance especially in winter. The lake gets completely frozen from the early winter. These frozen lakes totally look like the eye of Himalaya. Lack shows his real beauty at the time of summer when it properly covered with green grasses colorful flowers and his own deep blue color who create scenery that cannot define in words.  Here You have to find a spot there to pitch your tents and set up the camps for the night. The Brahmatal trek weather in night will be extremely cold here in the months of winter. The temperature generally falls to minus 15 degrees Celcius.  You have to carry a good quality sleeping bag which will keep you warm in the night.  


Day 4 Brahmatal – Brahmatal top- Khrurai – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

It is the hectic day of the entire trek. You have to trek for 8 hours to cover a distance of 8 kilometers. The trail will ascend by 2000 feet and then descend by 3000 feet. As there are no water sources on the way you have to carry 2 liters of water each as the previous day. Carrying out a sufficient amount of water is a must to prevent dehydration in proper trek. This day is the visually most fascinating day of the entire trek.

You have to start early in the morning to catch the mountain views before the clouds come in. The Brahmatal lake shines in deep blue color as the sun rays touch its surface it’s really an amazing view. From here you have to climb up to the left until you reach a vast meadow. After ascending trail of an hour you will reach the highest point of the trek. From the elevation of 12,250 feet, you will see a closer version of Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti than Jhandi top. Strong spine-chilled winds will constantly heat you in the Brahmatal pass. Spend some moments in the past and it will be a lifetime experience. You can have your packed lunch here.

From here you have to trek through Alpine grass while Mt Trishul and Mt Nanda Ghunti accompany you on the right. On the way, you will get a 780-degree view of the Himalayan range. Chaukhamba, Maitoli, Neelkanth, Mandi, Mana mountains are visible from here. As you walk further, you will enter the oak forest trail for an hour. After the forest ends you will reach Khorurai in 15 minutes and pitch your camp here for the night.

Hampta Pass Trek

Day 5 Khorurai – Lohajung – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

On this day you have to cross two streams to reach the descending way of Loha Jung. You will get shepherd huts after an hour. You have to continue through the man-made trail from here to reach the Loha Jung where all these memories had started. It will take you 3 or 4 hours to reach Loha Jung.

Day 6 Lohajung – Rishikesh/Haridwar – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

From lohajung you have to book a private car toward Haridwar or you can take a bus you only have two chance to get the bus to rishikesh first at the time 5:30 in the morning reach the rishikesh at 5:00 pm another one and the last at time 6:00 and reach rishikesh at 6:00 pm. It will takes 10 to 11 hours for the 290 kilometres journey.

  • Average cost of cab – 5000 to 6000 INR ( lohajung to Haridwar )
  • Average cost of cab – 435 INR / per head ( lohajung to Rishikesh )

As you can see it’s a proper 7 day track people can also covered the track in 4 days without finding difficulty like you can also follow as to cover the distance from LOHAJUNG to BRAHMATAL in one day the Brahmatal – Brahmatal top to Khrurai in the next day this distance is really a bit longer so it take a proper day. After that Khorurai – Lohajung from lohajung cook a cab direct to rishikesh.

Important things to carry for Trekking

1.            Tent

2.            Sleeping bag

3.            Warm clothes

4.            Raincoat or Holofil

5.            Head torch with extra battery

6.            Trekking stick

7.            Photo identity card

Lets end this mesmerizing trek with all the beautiful memories great trekking experience with a lot of fun that make the reason to visit the place again as the best trekking spot to visit in India and best place in Uttarakhand for trek. All it be done as under our budget that we plan before it starting and define the trip as under budget trip or sab se Sastatrek.

Confirmation Policy

  • You get a confirmation mail on your register mail id you have to log in after selecting the BRAHMATAL TREK package.
  • Contact details of your guider is properly shared with you so you can directly touch with him.
  • You get a confirmation call from guider who aware you with each and every details you need to know at the point of trekking before 2 to 3 days.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation may done before 15 to 20 days of starting the trip may get 90% to 100% money back as depend upon different companies
  • Any cancellation may happen 7 days before starting the trip may charge 50% as cancellation charges and rest of the money refund back to you in 7 working days. If cancellation done before 2 days or on the same day of trip then nothing back from the company side.

Refund Policy

  • All the cancellation amount reflect to your account within 7 to 14 working days


A distance from Delhi to Hampta pass Trek  is around 800 km via NH 44 as per Google info.


The best time to visit Hampta pass Trek  is April to November just because of pleasant weather.


In a minimal amount of 500/- you can travel to Hampta pass Trek from Delhi.


No, It is located in a remote region where getting network connectivity is very difficult.


You have to start trekking in the morning around 11 am because it takes 5-6 hrs.


The total distance of the Hampta pass Trek is 15 km.

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