Here we show you the different amazing outdoor adventure activities that you really need to do while plan for the trip. Here are the activities


River rafting is one of the most famous outdoor adventure activities in the mountain region who make a really amazing trip in india. People love to do it while travelling since the year 1950. It is a group activity that creates bonding between friends and family. Professional river rafting is not for everyone and you should not try it without proper training. Rafting needs some equipment for safety issue which is generally provided by the organizers. The states of Himachal Pradesh, North Bengal and Uttarakhand are famous in India for arranging this adventure sport.


Paragliding is a well known adventure game which is arranged all around the world. This sport has takes part in world games in the year 2013. Brazil is known for international Paragliding world champion. Nothing to worry after hearing these stats because this sport is for general people too which is arranged is less risky places. Apart from the other countries in the world, Paragliding is being famous in India day by day. Kullu region and Solang valley of Himachal Pradesh is well known for this adventure activity. Some places of Uttarakhand and West Bengal also offer this sport with experienced trainers.


Under water walk is a less popular sport in India but in other parts of the world it is as famous as other adventure activities. You have to wear a fiberglass helmet and a heavy west belt before proceed. Walking along the sea bed will be as easy as walking in a field. You can explore millions of corals and fishes and other aqua creatures. This adventure sport is absolutely risk free but people who have hydrophobia should not participate in this sport. Recently this sport has started in India. Baina beach offers this activity which is situated in one of the most famous tourist destinations of India named Goa.


Under water diving which is known as Scuba diving is most popular among aqua outdoor adventure activities around the world. It is a practice of submerging into water surface to be close to the marine creatures. There are various equipments for this sport which will take you in the deep water surface by creating pressure. Atmospheric Diving suit is mandatory to face the adverse force of pressure. Sport diving is far easy than professional scuba diving and can be done to the maximum depth of 130 ft. Goa and Andaman are two Indian states where scuba diving can be done by travelers.


India is a famous country for its wildlife diversification and thus Wildlife safari is a popular adventure activity in India. There are 104 national parks in India which covers 1.23% of total surface area of the country. All these parks are under protected areas of Indian Government. Each of these parks is rich with different kind of flora and fauna depending on their location. Most of these national parks offers wildlife safari within a specific time. You have to pay some entry fee to avail these safaris. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the famous among them.   


Skiing is a fun activity mostly arranged in winter. Snow gliding by using skis is known as skiing. This adventure sport is recognized by International Olympic Committee. According to some ancient paintings it is a 100 years old game. Ski means ‘split piece of wood’. Skiing needs various equipments like Boots, Poles, Helmets, Ski suits, Skiing gloves etc. Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh is the states in India offers Skiing in the months of Winter. Solang valley of Himachal and Auli of Uttrakhand are best known for this adventure game.


Do you like to try some extreme adventure sports which are safe at all? Then Sky Diving is the ultimate solution of your soul to fly. If you often dream about falling from the sky and want to try it in real life then there are so many places in India are offering safe Sky Diving. This air adventure was odd in India in the past few years but now Indian tourism has reached a new level for adventure lover. Places like Mysore in Karnataka, Aamby valley in Maharashtra Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh are offering Sky diving for travelers all over the year.


Ice Skating was a mode of transport in years of 80’s and 90’s in the countries which are covered by snow in the winter months. But now Ice Skating is famous as a adventure sport. Ice skating is a sport too which is practiced I the countries like China and Netherland. There are several ice skating rinks in India and most of them are in the metro cities. Ice Skating Association of India has now made some outdoor ice skating rinks all over the country.


Camping is an exceptional activity which has more moral values than fun. It’s one of the famous outdoor adventure activities Every parent should allow their child to attain camps in their childhood. Camping teaches us how to behave in any unfavorable conditions in our life and how to be a team man at all. These lessons can’t be bought by any amount of price. Now beside all these camping is a fun activity too. You have to carry all of your necessary things including the tents and sleeping bags. There are so many places in India which offers beautiful camping places in the lap of nature. You can choose any place too but that should be safe enough for camping.


Fishing is an ancient hobby of human beings. Most of the kings of ancient India loved to spend their spare time by fishing. Some people believe that fishing helps to grow concentration power. Fishing is very popular in India just as a hobby as there are plenty of rivers in each part of the country. Most of the hotels or resorts provide fishing gears to attract tourists. You can carry your own fishing gears too.


Most of the people like to do air adventure at least for a once in lifetime but most of them don’t have the courage for Parachuting or Sky Diving as these are some extreme adventure sport. Helicopter ride can fulfill their wish partially. Helicopter is used for reaching higher summits for elder and unable persons. Helicopter service is started at places like Kedarnath in India. Some other helicopter rides are started by state and Indian government too.  


Hot balloon is a type of air craft which contains a big envelope like balloon completely filled by heated air. A basket is tied beneath it which can carry passengers for a limited period of time depending on the quantity of fuel. Liquid propane is often use as fuel. The hot air inside the balloon creates upward pressure as its density is lower than the cold air in environment, enjoying the fun of this amazing outdoor adventure activities. These balloons are generally made of nylon and the inner parts of the balloons are made of any fire resistant material. It is believed that the concept of flights came from these balloons. Most of the major states of India offer hot air ballooning for travelers in some particular points.   


Surfing is one of the major adventure games which are generally arranged in Ocean or artificial lakes with waves like Ocean. The surfer rides over the waves towards the shore. It is a worldwide famous sport which will make a debut in Olympic 2021. There are various kind of surfing like Body boarding and Stand up surfing. Surfing needs some equipment like Surfboards, Long boards, Wave skis, Skim boards and Knee boards. Surfing is a skilled adventure game and it needs proper training unlike most of other adventure activities. Various places of India offer Surfing and generally they provide all the equipment. Kovalam beach in the state of Kerala is one of them.


It is one of the most outdoor adventure activities and thrilling activity that you can do in some of the travel places. Bungee jumping is a furious activity that involves a person to jump from a great height while tied to a large cord. This sport activity often arranged in some naturally suitable places like valley under a cliff. This sport requires nothing but a great enthusiasm and courage as it is almost safe and done regularly around the world. Rishikesh in the state of Uttarakhand offers the highest Bungee jumping in India while Lonavala of Mumbai is most popular place in our country.


Cable car or Rope way is the most popular activity in tourist spots as everyone can do it with just a little bit of courage. You can must add this in your outdoor activites if it available in yur trip to make an amazing trip in india. There are so many rope way routes in India mostly in Hilly areas. Ropeway is known as Gondola in some places. Most famous rope way routes of India are in the states of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and West Bengal. Gulmarg in J&k, Auli in Uttarakhand, Darjeeling in West Bengal and Solang Valley in Himachal Pradesh are quite famous routes among tourists of India.


Parasailing is an air adventure sport which is quite different from Parachuting. It is like a boat which is attached with a wing like parachute and floating in the sky with one or two persons in that boat. Parasailing is also known as different names in different countries. Those are Para kiting, and Parascending. This is not a serious sport which involves risk and needs proper training so any one can do it. Some states of India like Himachal, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan and Maharashtra offers Parasailing. Kamshet in Maharashtra, Manali in Himachal, Sanasar in Rajasthan, Nandi hills in Karnataka are some popular places for parasailing.


Hand gliding is another popularoutdoor adventure activities air activity which involves no risk at all anyone can easily do that to make his best trip in india. Heavy aircrafts are specially made from Aluminium alloy are used in Hand gliding which are run by specially trained pilots. This is a fun activity which is a recent addition in Indian tourism industry and much popular in European countries. Places like Nandi hills in Bangalore, Bir Billing in Manali, Kamshet in Maharashtra, Nainital and Mussoorie in Uttarakhand offer the best hand gliding experiences in India.   


Paddle boarding is a water activity with a lot of fun. This activity is a major type of Surfing but quite different from it. There are mainly two kind of Paddle boarding which are more popular among tourists. Those are Kneeling Paddle boarding and Stand up Paddle boarding. The later is more popular than the first one. This sport is generally takes place in open Ocean. While it is a major sports event which can be done by trained paddlers, it can also be done by general tourists by some special trainings. This sport is still not much popular in India but some famous beaches in Goa offers this adventure activity for travelers. 


Parachuting is a major form of sky diving which is quite popular adventure activity around the world. This sport involves jumps from any air craft from a major height and controlled the speed of falling by a tied Parachute. Parachuting takes part in World Game completion as a major event since 1997. This sport requires special training like other sky diving activities but some recreational parachuting are for travelers which are generally done from a less height. Aamby valley in Maharashtra, Deesa in Gujrat, Mysore in Karnataka, Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh and Puducherry in Tamil Nadu are some tourist spots in India which offers parachuting for travelers.


Abseiling is exceptional adventure activity which is much like rappelling. Abseiling is a german word which means ‘to rope down’. Professional abseiling are generally done by trained mountaineers and climbers but you can do it as a beginner too but in less risky places and with proper guide or trainer. Some equipments like static and dynamic rope, anchors, descender, climbing harness, helmets, gloves, climbing shoes, and knee pads are essential for this activity. As this activity can be done mostly in mountain region, many places in India are suitable for less risky abseiling which are much like rock climbing. Parvati valley and Miyar valley in Himachal is quite popular for abseiling among trekkers.  

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