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Delhi to Kheerganga - Best Place for Trekking in India | Under Budget

Kheerganga Trek - Himachal

₹ 898 + 5%GST Include + 2 Days l 1 Night

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Kheerganga Trek: From Delhi to Kheerganga

Best Place for Trekking in India Under Budget – Kheerganga Trek With Proper trekking Guide in The Lap of Nature(Rs 3500/-only)

Some words are marked as bold so it is easily noticed by your eyes and you can easily calculate the thing about the trek.

Guidance Includes:

  • How to travel
  • Things to Explore
  • Timings (includes total traveling time, market open timings and transport moving time)
  • Total Expenses (including all cost spending on the trip)
  • Travel Cost:
  • Staying Cost(Hostel Rent):
  • Normal local Transport Fair:
  • Food Cost:

Kheerganga Trek

1. Delhi to Kheerganga distance: 533 km

  • Delhi to Bhuntar via bus: 481 km
  • Bhuntar to Kasol via local bus: 30 km
  • Kasol to Barshaini via local bus: 16 km
  • Barshaini to Kheerganga trekking: 13 km

2. Kheerganga Trekking distance: 13 km

Often trying to recall my best memories, with my friends. I generally remember the trek  ”In The Lap of Nature” Delhi to Kheerganga Trek one of the best place for Trekking in India.

Was I dreaming? May be Yes or Actually Yes!

A few months ago, I covered one such journey with my friends, which I consider as the best place to visit for trekking, that was a trip to Delhi to Kasol. A destination where my friends felt as if landed in heaven. Under the budget trek of Only Just Rs 3500 Only.

With its ethereal viewpoints, cute villages that merge with nature, lovely locals and good vibes, the magic of Parvati Valley still pulls me. The valley offers a beautiful view of Parvati River and the Glacier of Lahaul Spiti. The valley echoes the mystical power of nature and has a lot to offer to the travelers.

In the lap of nature lies a beautiful place named “Kheerganga”, in Parvati Valley, where it is believed that Lord Shiva resided for more than a thousand years. The lush greenery of the mountains, the elegant river Parvati and the scenic sky was obviously a much awaited delight to our eyes.

This place is very famous for both Hindu and Sikh pilgrims: Gurudwara Shri Manikaran Sahib is famous there for Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Located at 22 km from Manikaran, Kheerganga is famous for hot water springs where people leave every sorrow and pain or move with the feeling of satisfaction even during heavy snowfall.

  • Camping available  on multiple sharing Basis
  • Night Stay Camp  Available in tents. Providing you the sleeping bags with water proof tents and Enjoy the Night Under the Star!
  •  Quality Rooms Book at Hotel at Cheapest Price and get the amazing view of your trekking
  • Get your Dinner on Your Table on The First Day.
  • Second Morning Starting with the Hot Healthy Breakfast.
  • The Meal Provided is Well Cooked Healthy Vegetarian Food For You. You can Take your Non-veg Food with. we arrange the utensils for you. 
  • Experience the Adventure of Treking Through out the Root.
  • Camping That make the night Full with Lot of Fun Under The Star.
  • Born-fire who Make The night Full Of Lighting.
  • Activities that Proper there like River Rafting, Paragliding, Bunging Jumping, Sky Diving etc
  • Travel / Treking Time may vary if Some Changes in Weather Occur
  •  You Have to Charge 20% to 30% For Confirm Your Booking Previously. 
  • You have to Follow The Decision of Your Trek Guider.
  • You are Responsible of your OWN Luggage and Carry Minimum Weight as Possible
  • You Find The Network Problem so Make sure Done  with all The Important Call Before Starting The TRek.
  • Personal Transport and Food From Outside is not included.
  • All Relevant Licence and Trekking Permit to Kheerganga under Law.
  •  Tent will be Totally Waterproof so you Can Get The Memorable Experience of Kheerganga Trek. 
  • Trekking expertise and Guidelines.
  • Music and Camping who Make the Night Rocking.
  • Serve you The Tastiest and Healthiest Food who make your Breakfast and Dinner soo Yummy. 
Trekking towards kheerganga

Guys, Here is a little guide to plan Kheerganga Trek with a minimum budget of Rs 3500 only including everything that saves you money, proper guide to save your time, increase your adventure, make it Under Your Budget Trek and also called as Sabse Sasta trek for you with ultimate/unlimited fun.

  1. Day 1: Delhi to Kasol – From Manali Highway (500 Kms)

To reach Kasol we took a private Volvo bus (fare: Rs.700 per head) from Majnu ka Tilla Gurdwara that left around 7:00 pm in the evening. Before Kasol we have to reach Bhuntar by covering the distance of 470 km for the next day around 12:00 pm because of the delay. Mostly it takes a maximum of 12 hours but as to travel in the hilly area you find a general issue of delay in traveling but it’s also a part of the fun because that 3 hours you totally covered around in nature and you feel a 3 hour round trip in Kasol. From Bhuntar we took a local bus (fare: Rs.50 per head) and reached Kasol (30 km from Bhuntar) around 2:00 pm in the afternoon. There we have multiple hotels located in a range of  2 Km in every direction but you must try to take the hotel at the edges of the Parvati river. Our hotel was at a little height but too close to the river. The mesmerizing view attracted and admired us. There are a lot of bridges and people can walk above the river to reach the hotel (rent nearly cost you Rs 700/- Day). While trying to reach the hotel we saw multiple dogs on the way like Pitbull,  Husky, Lebara, Royal Retriever, American bully types can’t believe to hear that these are the normal street dogs here and people staying here generally take care of them.


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We booked a bus from Makemytrip: Indo Express

We saw some foreigners performing yoga and acrobats. We were quite spell-bound with nature and the way the people were thoroughly enjoying their stay, taking a break from all the materialistic world. They were totally relaxed in nature & everyone’s mind was in a stress-free zone.

Wooden Bridge Kheerganga Trek

After taking a rest for a couple of hours in our Hostel: Nomads Hostel we went to explore Manikaran Sahib Gurudwara that is located around 3 km from Kasol. There we also had a hot water spring in which people forgot their stress and tiredness. We spent a couple of good times and also did a bit of shopping there in the market named as Manikaran market present in the backside of the Gurudwara which is very famous there. We can shop for all the winter wears, artificial jewelry and then we return back around 10:00 pm.

Note: Don’t forget to leave the place on time else no one can find the mode of transport in the dark after 7:00 pm.

Fun Fact is: It’s all happened with us… Hahaha! We left Gurdwara Manikaran Sahib around 8 Pm and by walking we reached back around 10 pm.

We are walking in full of darkness, under the sky, with our friends, no one around you in the range of 3km. what you have to do is enjoy the moment, feel the darkness of nature with your buddies, sing a song as loud as you can…

Food you must try:

a.            Thukpa

b.            Kasol special Apples

                     Cafe you must try:

a.           Shanti Café

The food there was really good in taste, Ahh, wait! Don’t forget to try the stuffed parathas there in the Shanti Cafe. The cost of the food is totally normal, you can take your proper diet for the normal cost. For 4  people it may maximum go Rs 1200 who have a heavy diet like me as per the dinner cost otherwise it may cost under 600/- to 900/- at last we can say thatBhar pet khana”. Normally you can consider as Rs 500/- to 600/- per head food cost for the whole day.

Kheerganga Trek Short Cut

2. Day 2: Trekking to Kheerganga via Kalga Village

Trek from Kasol to Kheerganga Trekking

We woke up early and had breakfast and tea by 11am.

Must-Do: Start the trek by maximum 11 am because it takes a minimum of 6 hours to complete the trek. Once you miss reaching the top before 5:00 pm, you will miss all the picturesque scenery and the most adorable sunset ever.

Kheerganga From Kasol

Firstly We went to Manikaran Sahib road and waited for the bus. We got a bus to Manikaran Sahib (fare: Rs.10 per person). There we waited a little to get another bus for Barshaini. If you miss the bus for the first time then you have to wait for an hour for the next one. We took some snacks for our trek from the upper bus stand at Manikaran Sahib Gurdwara. After waiting for the next couple of minutes we boarded our bus to Barshaini (fare: Rs 50 per person). It took us around 45 minutes to reach Barshaini.

Auli Weather:

  • Kheergamga Weather in Summer: April till July (8°c – 15°c)
  • Kheerganga Weather in Winter Season: expect the temperature to dip down to -8 degrees Celsius
  • Kheerganga Weather in Monsoon (July – September): Fluctuating between 10°c and 20°c
Kheerganga Trekking Camp

We set our target to reach Kheerganga in 5 hours. On our way to the top, we walked through the majestic landscape along with splendid nature sights. We passed a few wooden bridges that were created by their local ones, tricky terrains and slippery curves, beautiful waterfalls, small lakes. We captured several mesmerizing views of the sky, waterfalls and birds in our camera. We also came through villages Kalga and Pulga, and that moment was truly divine! They briefed us about their lifestyle and the locals offered us sweet apples of Himachal. Further on, the route became sublime, with sights of temples, flowing water streams, flowers, mud houses and alpine trees. Also, the food price is also increased as your step towards your trekking increases because as on the top the junk food price is totally doubled so it is better to carry out the food items from the starting point because this plan makes the trek and  Under budget Trek for us.

In the evening, Slowly the woods became dense and the path became steeper, the sun went down creating total darkness. If anyone of you find that kind of difficulty then firstly no need to panic. It’s a part of the trekking. It makes trekking more adventures now you only need to follow the signs trail on the stone and on the trees that totally guide you to move forward. Simply follow them and they will easily guide you to reach your final trek destination. The last part of the trek was actually a bit tough, you have to trek on a straight path of the mountain you can consider as 30% is slant and 70% is totally straight now you totally imagine in your mind it’s a proper mountain climbing that makes it really the best place for trekking and this was the time we were supposed to push our limits to climb the last remaining small distance. And there was a moment when we finally saw lights at the top which was an actual sign that we reached Kheerganga.

2nd Mistake we did: We start trekking around 3:30 pm and take the risky way to reach kheerganga.

Why it is a mistake to start trekking at 3 pm?

Because it’s a hilly area and here the night starts at 6 pm. We are very slow just cause we love to explore every single moment & capture it for a memory.
After 6 Pm, we are like wohooo! we should start moving fast and around 8 pm we almost lost, Hahaha! It’s a true shit, because of the darkness we don’t get the way… but at that time what we boost us is “We all are together” “Jo Hoga Dekha Jaega” “Ab to krk he jaenge”

“And Hurrah! We are in Kheerganga… Finally, we did it” This was the only thing we said.

We booked Camp on call which is Kheerganga Trekking Camp
Phone No.: 098058 97832

After reaching we met the Camp instructor and we were served with some hot tea & pakoda. You can also demand for the snacks to the manager according to your choice. If you want some additional food it may cost a little higher as I told you above. My only recommendation is to try maggi. It is really amazing there. After that enjoying the bonfire dance on cool music with some foreigners, we went to our camps to take a rest and call it an amazing day.

Kheerganga trek compare package

3.  Day 3: Trek back from Kheerganga to Kasol

The next day we woke up early as none of us wished to miss the adorable sunrise. The two things that you never ever want to forget, the Sunrise and the Sunset which really defines the real beauty of nature, & makes it the best place to visit and one of the best place for trekking in India ever. Kheerganga was a green patch that was slightly slanted and surrounded by mountains. Morning at Kheerganga was calm, quiet and picturesque. We saw the Mighty Himalayas in front of us with sun rays falling at one part and the other part still dark. The sky was blue and small white clouds were adding a distinct love to the scenery. We decided to go for our bath at nearby hot water springs at the main Kheerganga area.

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We took a refreshing dip in The Hot Water Spring that washed off all our tiredness and leg pain from the journey on the previous day. Later we had some breakfast which included maggie, bread omelette and tea. After grabbing all we packed up and started trekking back to barshaini. On the way down we met innocent villagers taking multiple kgs weight on their shoulders and walking up towards Kheerganga. Just Imagine how their life is! Is it complicated or easy?

Kheerganga Trek Short Cut

On the way back we took the other way that was the RudraNag Way. And finally the time has come to leave the barshaini village. It took us around 4 hours to return back from the top. The way from via RudraNag was around 11 Km.

We felt like leaving the materialistic world and getting settled here. Away from the judging eyes and society, away from the urban vices, away from the race of proving nothing, away from the supremacy of money.

We took a bus from bharsaini to the place where our luggage was in the hostel in kasol. We took our luggage and booked a vehicle to Bhuntar. The Estimated cost for the entire Vehicle was Rs.1500. From there we took our Volvo and returned back to Delhi the next morning.

Final Words for Kheerganga:

It is a great Under Budget Trek with the maximum expense of Rs 3500/- per head and the best short getaway destination in Himachal. Though a short trek but have lots of things to offer. For beginners, this is the place to trek and also a best place to visit, the best place for trekking in India.

Kheerganga will not disappoint you in any way, it may regenerate your positive vibes and fills a blasting energy inside you. I am sure it will open a new horizon in your life and will add a new dimension in your attitude towards life and nature.

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Confirmation Policy

  • You get a confirmation mail on your register mail id you have to log in after selecting the package.
  • Contact details of your guider is properly shared with you so you can directly touch with him.
  • You get a confirmation call from guider who aware you with each and every details you need to know at the point of trekking before 2 to 3 days.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation may done before 15 to 20 days of starting the trip may get 90% to 100% money back as depend upon different companies
  • Any cancellation may happen 7 days before starting the trip may charge 50% as cancellation charges and rest of the money refund back to you in 7 working days. If cancellation done before 2 days or on the same day of trip then nothing back from the company side.

Refund Policy

  • All the cancellation amount reflect to your account within 7 to 14 working days

FAQ Related to Kheerganga Trek

A distance from Delhi to Kheerganga Trek is around 450 km via NH 44 as per Google info.


The best time to visit Kheerganga Trek is April to November just because of pleasant weather.


In a minimal amount of 4000/- you can travel to Kheerganga Trek from Delhi.


No, It is located in a remote region where getting network connectivity is very difficult.


You have to start trekking in the morning around 11 am because it takes 5-6 hrs.


The total distance of the Kheerganga Trek is 10 km.

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