Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek

₹ 1700 + 5% GST – 2 Day l 1 Night

Nag Tibba Trek​ Packages
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   1999/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   2750/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   3100/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   3600/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   3300/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   5500/-  3 Day l 2 night 

   3600/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   8999/-  5 Day l 4 night 

   5300/-  3 Day l 2 night 

   3950/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   2999/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   6400/-  3 Day l 2 night 

   9999/-  6 Day l 5 night 

   3649/-  2 Day l 1 night 

   2900/-  2 Day l 1 night 

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Nag Tibba Trek means Serpent’s peak. It is situated at the TEHRI garhwal region of the Indian state of Uttarakhandone over the best place to visit in india. If Himalaya is meant to be divided in two region, Greater Himalaya and Lesser Himalaya then Nag Tibba is the highest peak of the latter one and is the Best Holiday Place To Visit In Uttarakhand as for 2-3 day short trek. The other two ranges are Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal which represent lesser Himalaya. The highest point of Nag Tibba is situate at the elevation of 9,915 feet. Here, ‘Nag’ is the God of Snakes and ‘Tibba’ represent hill. Now come to the point of trek. Also, If we consider the difficulty level then this trek will be in the group of miner but you can lower your budget difficluty level by comparing Nag Tibba Trek Packages here.

  • Camping available  on multiple sharing Basis
  • Night Stay Camp  Available in tents. Providing you the sleeping bags with water proof tents and Enjoy the Night Under the Star!
  •  Quality Rooms Book at Hotel at Cheapest Price and get the amazing view of your trekking
  • Get your Dinner on Your Table on The First Day.
  • Second Morning Starting with the Hot Healthy Breakfast.
  • The Meal Provided is Well Cooked Healthy Vegetarian Food For You. You can Take your Non-veg Food with. we arrange the utensils for you. 
  • Experience the Adventure of Treking Through out the Root.
  • Camping That make the night Full with Lot of Fun Under The Star.
  • Born-fire who Make The night Full Of Lighting.
  • Activities that Proper there like River Rafting, Paragliding, Bunging Jumping, Sky Diving etc
  • Travel / Treking Time may vary if Some Changes in Weather Occur
  •  You Have to Charge 20% to 30% For Confirm Your Booking Previously. 
  • You have to Follow The Decision of Your Trek Guider.
  • You are Responsible of your OWN Luggage and Carry Minimum Weight as Possible
  • You Find The Network Problem so Make sure Done  with all The Important Call Before Starting The TRek.
  • Personal Transport and Food From Outside is not included.
  • All Relevant Licence and Trekking Permit to Kheerganga under Law.
  •  Tent will be Totally Waterproof so you Can Get The Memorable Experience of Kheerganga Trek. 
  • Trekking expertise and Guidelines.
  • Music and Camping who Make the Night Rocking.
  • Serve you The Tastiest and Healthiest Food who make your Breakfast and Dinner soo Yummy. 
Nag Tibba Trek tour rice

Nag Tibba trek is one of the most thrilling trek of Uttarakhand as consider as Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand. While most of trekking routes of Uttarakhand comes with a itinerary of 5 or more days, you can complete this trek in two days only. You have to trek 16 kilometres in two days which is not so difficult by considering the condition of the trekking route. You can see the a panorama view of Bandarpoonch ranges of Great Himalayas from the summit. You can utilize your Nag Tibba Trek packages as per your choice in the left side where you can easily differentiate in between the packages. Most amazing part of this trek is, the base camp is situated at just 57 kilometres away from the beautiful hill city Mussoorie.  So you can plan this trek along with the plan of vising Dehradun and Mussoorie.


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Nag Tibba Trek packages

If you are planning to explore this amazing sight of Lesser Himalaya then you have already came to the right place you can find a lot of best place to visit in India but nag tibba has its own trek quality. Here, you will get every possible guidelines regarding Nag Tibba trek that makes you to plan more confidently.

Guidelines Included :-

  1. How to reach the base camp
  2. Step by step itinerary
  3. Mode of transportation
  4. Ideal duration of the trek
  5. Average cost of the trek

Facts At a Glance    

  • Duration – 2 days
  • Highest Altitude – 9,915 feet
  • Base camp – Panthwari
  • Nearest Railway station – Dehradun
  • Difficulty – Easy to Moderate

Nag Tibba Trek

Complete itinerary

Day 1 –  Dehradun – Panthwari – Khatian

Dehradun is the nearest Railway station of Nag Tibba trek. As this is a short trek of just two days the tour plan can vary according to your choice. Some trekkers love to explore Mussoorie, Kempty falls and other surroundings before start the trek. So these kind of trekkers spend a night or two day in Mussoorie. I would suggest you to keep Mussoorie as a relaxation after trek.

So, as per my plan you have to take a local bus or a cab from dehradun to reach the base camp Panthwari. It’s a 85 kilometre journey and takes about 3 hours to reach the small Himalayan village Panthwari. The travel cost is not included in your nag tibba trek packages but in some you can get and there price may be varies. If you need something to buy there is Nainbagh market on your way.

From Panthwari you have to trek 5 kilometres to reach the campsite Khatian. It is a easy trek as forest department made a stone trail throughout the route.  There are two or three different routes, all of which leads to Nag Tibba. The route via Auntar village is quite lengthy so you should take the other route which is more popular but truly said the difficulty make the trip Best Holiday Place To Visit In Uttarakhand.

Nag Tibba Trek price

Day 2 –  Khatian – Nag Tibba summit – Bhatwadi  

From Khatian which is situated at a elevation of 7,600 feet you have to trek through a dense forest to reach the summit. In the months of winter it is difficult to find the route as all the trail is covered by powder like snow. This is the only reason why this trek is popular as best place to vsist in india. You have to walk 4 kilometres to reach the Nag Tibba sumit which will take two hours approximately. You should carry enough drinking water as there is no water sources throughout the trail.

You can see amazing view of the Himalayan peaks like Srikanta, Swargrohini, Bandarpoonch, Kala Nag etc. you should spend one or two hours of quality time in the summit. After capturing some breathtaking views you have to trek through a gradually descent trail to reach Bhatwadi. From here you have to book a cab towards Dehradun or Mussoorie.

  • Nag Tibba trek distance – Khatian – Nag Tibba summit – Bhatwadi ( 4 KMS )

  • Nag Tibba Travel Time – 3 hour
  • Nag Tibba Camping Cost – 500 / head
  • Nag Tibba Elevation of 7,600 ft
  • Nag Tibba Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Nag Tibba temperature / Nag Tibba weather  –  dazzling sunny / chilling weather at night

Average cost of the Mag Tibba trek – 2,000 INR to 2,500 INR (Mussoorie to Mussoorie) – Best Place To Visit In Uttarakhand

Confirmation Policy

  • You get a confirmation mail on your register mail id you have to log in after selecting the Nag Tibba Trek package.
  • Contact details of your guider is properly shared with you so you can directly touch with him.
  • You get a confirmation call from guider who aware you with each and every details you need to know at the point of trekking before 2 to 3 days.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation may done before 15 to 20 days of starting the trip may get 90% to 100% money back as depend upon different companies
  • Any cancellation may happen 7 days before starting the trip may charge 50% as cancellation charges and rest of the money refund back to you in 7 working days. If cancellation done before 2 days or on the same day of trip then nothing back from the company side.

Refund Policy

  • All the cancellation amount reflect to your account within 7 to 14 working days

FAQ Related to Nag Tibba Trek Packages

A distance from Delhi to Nag Tibba Trek  is around 2500 km via NH 44 as per Google info.


The best time to visit Nag Tibba Trek  is April to November just because of pleasant weather.


In a minimal amount of 500/- you can travel to Nag Tibba Trek from Delhi.


No, It is located in a remote region where getting network connectivity is very difficult.


You have to start trekking in the morning around 11 am because it takes 5-6 hrs.


The total distance of the Nag Tibba Trek is 5 km.

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