Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trekking is one of the best place for trekking in Himachal Pradesh. You can easily arrange an under budget trip on this route. It lies in the district of Mandi with a three-storied pagoda-like temple dedicated to sage Prashar. Prashar lake situated at the elevation of 8960 feet above sea level. According to the local peoples it is believed that Sage Prashar meditated on the banks of this lake and Bhima, the strongest Pandava brother had created the lake.


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The most amazing fact is there is a natural floating island inside the lake who give the people reason to share that place things, visit the place again and again. The floating is moving and if you are lucky enough then you can experience it. All these facts make it the best place to visit in Himachal.

Prashar Lake Trekking
Prashar Lake Trekking, Mandi

You will be known about Rewalsar lake too by reading this article. This lake is also located at Mandi district at an elevation of 4460 feet. The lake has three ancient temples dedicated to Lord Krishna, Lord Shiva, and to the sage Lomas. You will be stunned to see the monumental statue of Padmasambhava of 123 feet inaugurated by the 14th Dalai Lama. Thousands of workers work for more than 10 years to build it.

It will be the best place to visit on a weekend. It considered one of the best places for trekking in Himachal too. This trek takes just 4 days to complete while all other Himalayan treks take many more days.

Here you will get detailed information and itinerary for an under budget trip. How you can plan as from start till end. It gives you every little info that you need or the thing you really consider and figure out your budget under ( 3000 to 4000 INR ).


Guidance Includes:-

Facts at a glance

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Day 1

Delhi to Kantlu

It’s best to start your journey from Delhi as you get plenty of buses here towards Mandi. It’s a 426-kilometer journey that will take around 10 hours. It may cost near 450 to 600 INR. After reaching Mandi you have to take another bus towards Kantlu for a 2 hours journey. Bus fare is 50 INR per person. If the timing of the bus doesn’t match you then there are private taxies. Fare of private cabs may vary depending on the season. It will charge you 600 INR to 1000 INR approximately.

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  • Delhi to Mandi – 426 km 
  • Timing – 10 Hours
  • Cost – 450 to 600 INR
  • Mandi to Kantlu – 100 km
  • Timing – 2 Hours
  • Cost – ( Rs 50/- Bus fare ) ( Rs 600/- to 1000/- Private cabs )

After reaching Kantlu pitch your tent or search for some homestays which are available there. Spend your night here and get prepare for the next day.

Altitude – 6050 feet

Day 2

Kantlu to Prashar Lake Trek

Prashar Lake Trekking

In the second day, you have to trek 7 kilometres and your elevation changes to 8900 feet from 6050 feet. It takes 6 hours including two rest points of half an hour each. There is no water source up to 3 kilometres so you have to carry 2 litres of water. After the first 500 metres, there will be a dense rhododendron forest which leads you to a place with a full view of Dhauladhar range.

After 2 kilometers you will cross some apple orchards which leads you to clear space from where you can see several peaks of the Himalaya range. The peaks you can see on a clear day are Trinud, Dhauladhar, Kap chili, Manali peak, Ali Ratni Tibba, etc.

After crossing a kilometer more you will pass by some shepherds huts. After two more kilometers Prashar lake will be visible to you.

Prashar lake is fenced so you can’t enter it. If you carry enough luck in your rucksack then you can see the island moving in all the direction. Just beside the lake there is a temple with unique architecture. You must visit the temple when you reach your final destination Prashar lake.

Prashar Lake Weather

Day 3

Prashar Lake to Tunga Mata Temple to Kantlu

You have to start early in the morning towards the Tunga Mata temple. On the third day you will walk for 10 kilometers and a return journey.  You have to walk over the ridge for one and a half hours. Then after another hour of forest trail you will reach the beautiful ancient temple named Tunga Mata surrounded by snow-covered Pir Pinjal range, Dhauladhar range, and Manikaran spires. The temple was made at the elevation of 9000 feet. You can see many Himalayan peaks from here on a clear day like Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Papsura, Dharamsura, south Parvati, etc. There are plenty of staying options for travelers who want to spend a night here.

Tunga Mata temple, Prashar Lake  Mandi
Tunga Mata temple, Prashar Lake Mandi

After enjoying some precious moment you have to return to Mandi. From Tunga you have to walk 3 more hours to reach Jwalapur village from where you will get a bus for Mandi.

Day 4

Mandi to Rewalsar Lake to Mandi

The pristine lake of Rewalsar is known for its floating reed islands. It’s an important religious place for Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists. There are some gossips about the Rewalsar lake. There are some Buddhist monasteries. Rewalsar has three Hindu temples too, the temples are dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Rewalsar Lake, Mandi
Rewalsar Lake, Mandi

Rewalsar lake is 22 kilometers away from mandi and there is a few bus available in this route. Bus fare for this journey will be 50 INR to 80 INR. After spending some time and clicking some beautiful pictures you have to return to Mandi. The return buses are available till the afternoon. so you have to return before sunset.

Day 5

Mandi to Delhi/Chandigarh

You have to leave Mandi on the 5th day with all the beautiful memories. There are plenty of buses available from Mandi to Delhi. The fare will be around 550 INR.

Average budget – 3500 INR / person

Important Things to Carry

Prashar lake is one of the best place to visit in Himachal. I can assure you that the essence of this trek will remain with you forever. You can properly enjoy all the things at your deciding cost it increases your fun enhance your enjoyment but lower your budget and make the Under Budget trek or Under Budget Trip for you.

People also ask

How to reach Prashar Lake Trek?

If you are traveling from Delhi then you can head to Mandi and then take an auto or bus to Bagi that is the base point for the trek.

How is Parashar Lake Trek Weather?

From December to April: Temperature will come to the lowest of -5 degrees Celsius in the night and 8 to 16 degrees Celsius in the day time.
From May to October: Temperature will be ranging from 8 to 16 degrees Celsius in the day time and 2 to 8 degrees Celsius at night.
All the other months are moderately warm at Baggi Village and slightly cold at Prashar Lake.

How long the Prashar Lake Trek is?

Prashar Lake Trekking distance is around 15 km.

In How much budget I can travel to Prashar lake trek?

In the minimal amount of 3500/- to 4000/- you can travel to Prashar Lake Trek.

Prashar lake situated in?

Prashar Lake lies 49 km from north of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, India as per Wikipedia info.

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