Spiti valley Trek

Spiti valley Trek

₹ 8299 + 5% GST – 5 Day l 4 Night

Spiti valley Trek Packages
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   13950/-  7 Day l 6 night 

   9200/-  5 Day l 4 night 

   13500/-  5 Day l 4 night 

   9999/-  5 Day l 4 night 

   20000/-  9 Day l 8 night 

   19000/-  10 Day l 9 night 

   14999/-  6 Day l 5 night 

   8000/-  7 Day l 6 night 

   21999/-  10 Day l 9 night 

   20999/-  10 Day l 9 night 

   23999/-  10 Day l 9 night 

   36500/-  16 Day l 15 night 

   21999/-  10 Day l 9 night 

   9950/-  5 Day l 4 night 

   15999/-  8 Day l 7 night 

   23300/-  8 Day l 7 night 

   25599/-  9 Day l 8 night 

   15999/-  7 Day l 6 night 

   19999/-  10 Day l 9 night 

   21250/-  9 Day l 8 night 

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Spiti valley Trek is one of the most alluring desert mountain valley of the world in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh who is well know famous as best place to visit in India.  The meaning of Spiti is “The Middle Land” as this place is situated between two countries Tibet and India. As the people of Ladakh and Tibet most of the Spitians follows Buddhism. The valley is situated in the Lahaul and Spiti district of the north eastern state Himachal Pradesh. Kaza is the current capital of Spiti situated in the bank of Spiti river. Kaza is situated at an altitude of 12,500 ft above sea level. Two famous passes connects Spiti with the other parts of Himachal Pradesh. Rothang pass connects spiti valley with Kullu valley and Manali and Kunzum pass connects Lahaul with Spiti. These two passes are remained closed for most of the time in a year due to heavy snow. In this spiti journey you can compare there Spiti valley Trek packages by all his varieties and save big as you can n a single platform Best Holiday Place

  • Camping available  on multiple sharing Basis
  • Night Stay Camp  Available in tents. Providing you the sleeping bags with water proof tents and Enjoy the Night Under the Star!
  •  Quality Rooms Book at Hotel at Cheapest Price and get the amazing view of your trekking
  • Get your Dinner on Your Table on The First Day.
  • Second Morning Starting with the Hot Healthy Breakfast.
  • The Meal Provided is Well Cooked Healthy Vegetarian Food For You. You can Take your Non-veg Food with. we arrange the utensils for you. 
  • Experience the Adventure of Treking Through out the Root.
  • Camping That make the night Full with Lot of Fun Under The Star.
  • Born-fire who Make The night Full Of Lighting.
  • Activities that Proper there like River Rafting, Paragliding, Bunging Jumping, Sky Diving etc
  • Travel / Treking Time may vary if Some Changes in Weather Occur
  •  You Have to Charge 20% to 30% For Confirm Your Booking Previously. 
  • You have to Follow The Decision of Your Trek Guider.
  • You are Responsible of your OWN Luggage and Carry Minimum Weight as Possible
  • You Find The Network Problem so Make sure Done  with all The Important Call Before Starting The TRek.
  • Personal Transport and Food From Outside is not included.
  • All Relevant Licence and Trekking Permit to Kheerganga under Law.
  •  Tent will be Totally Waterproof so you Can Get The Memorable Experience of Kheerganga Trek. 
  • Trekking expertise and Guidelines.
  • Music and Camping who Make the Night Rocking.
  • Serve you The Tastiest and Healthiest Food who make your Breakfast and Dinner soo Yummy. 
Spiti valley Trek packages price

Spiti valley is famous for Key Monastery and Tabo Monastery which are two of the oldest and culturally richest monasteries of the world. Pin valley of this region is also famous for an exciting trekking route. In the summer thousand of shepherds come here for the grassland and return in the  beginning of winter.

Most of the places of Spiti region is easily accessible by car but trekking in this region can give you the real essence of Spiti valley. You have to be fit both physically and mentally for trekking in this region as you have to cross two high altitude passes which often causes to Acute Mountain Sickness.

In this article you will get detailed itinerary of Spiti valley trek / Spiti valley trek Packages cost which you need to know before making a plan. Stay tuned till the end of the article.


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 Guidelines Included

  1. How to reach the base camp
  2. Complete itinerary
  3. Ideal duration of trek
  4. Average trek cost
  5. Important things to carry
  6. Spiti valley weather  // Spiti valley temperature 

Facts at a glance

Nearest railway station – Chandigarh / Delhi

Difficulty level – Moderate

Base camp – Kaza

Maximum altitude – 15,060 ft

Spiti trek packages

Complete itinerary


Day 1 – Kaza to Langza via Key Monastery

Kaza is the base camp of this trek. You can reach Kaza from both of the Shimla and Manali by road. To reach Shimla  / Manali you can book buses from Kashmiri gate there a lot of buses travelling to Shimla / Manali by the normal cost of 600 to 800 as on covering the whole night  distance of 530 KMS to reach the BEST HOLIDAY PLACE IN INDIA . The route from Manali is more preferable because of the presence of famous Rhothang pass in this route. One more reason is the route from Shimla is often remains closed due to landslide specially in monsoon. There is only a single bus from Manali towards Kaza runs by Himachal government with thw normal fair of 200 per head. You can take a private cab too but it may cost you a little higher 3000 to 4000 approx. This journey will take 5 hours  approximately.


You have to book another cab towards Langza. It a little short distance with the normal fair of 1500 to 2000 per cab. The first day of this trek is solely covered by car. On the way there will be Key Monastery which is one of the oldest Monasteries of the world. Mighty Spiti river will accompany you throughout the road. This journey will take 4 hours to 5 hours to cover 14 kilometre. You will reach Langza by evening. It is a small hamlet in the lap of Himalaya situated at the elevation of 14,400 ft. Spend your night here and prepare for the next day.


  • First Distance Cover – Delhi to Shimla / Manali – 530 / KMS
  • Travelling Time – 11 Hours/night
  • Cost – Rs 600 to 800 per head by bus
  • Second distance cover – Manali / Shimla to Kaza ( next morning ) – 153 KMS
  • Spiti valley Traveling time – 5 hours/morning
  • Spiti valley Cost – Rs 5000 / by taxi and Rs.. 200 per person / by bus
  • Spiti valley Third Distance – Kaza to Langza ( 14 KMS )
  • Spiti valley Travel Time – 4 hour
  • Spiti valley Elevation of 14,400 ft
  • Spiti valley temperature / Spiti valley weather  –  Quite Sunny
  • Spiti valley Captured point: Rhothang pass route , Oldest Monasteries of the world , Spiti river

Spiti valley Trek price

Day 2 – Langza to Komik  

From this day you will be solely dependable on your feet. You have to trek 9 kilometre which will take 5 to 6 hours. Komik is the highest village of Asia which have its own habitat. After a hour of trek you will reach the village Hikkim which is famous for the highest post office in the world. Some tourist a love to post a letter from here that thing define people make the reason why we called this place as best place to visit in india. Hikkim is the highest pollong station of the world too.

The trail will gradually ascend towards Komik. After a few hours from Hikkim you will reach Komik where you have to spend your night. As Komik is situated at the altitude of 14,800 ft, you will experience chilling weather at night. The night sky from here is mesmerizing and if you are lucky enough you can experience a clear Milky way from here definitely you feel the real presence of BEST HOLIDAY PLACE IN INDIA at your mind.


  • Spiti valley trek distanceLangza to Komik ( 9 KMS )

  • Spiti valley Travel Time – 5 to 6 hour
  • Spiti valley Camping Cost – 600 / head
  • Spiti valley Elevation of 14,800 ft
  • Spiti valley Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Spiti valley temperature / Spiti valley weather  –  dazzling sunny / chilling weather at night
  • Spiti valley Captured point: Komik ( highest village of Asia ) , Hikkim (highest post office in the world )


Day 3 – Komik to Demul via Chemai Lepcha pass

On this day you have to cross the 3rd pass of this trek. After Rhothang pass and Kunzum pass you have to cross Chemai Lepcha pass. After a few hours of trek you will reach a lush green meadow. Demul is just few steps ahead from here. You have walk for 14 kilometre on this day which will take 6 to 7 hours. if you spend some time in the Chemai Lepcha then it will be 8 hours. Also if i m talking about another best place to visit in India as compare to himachal then uttarakhand is considered to be best where you can get the the natural beauty as you l find in himachal 

Demul is well known for Yak Safari in the desert. Local people of Demul are always welcome trekkes with a great manner. Try to taste some of their local food and drinks to feel the vibe of their culture. See, all the travel cost is not included in your Spiti valley Trek packages if include then prices may be varies and everything relate to this is already include in the packages.

  • Spiti valley trek distanceKomik to Demul ( 14 KMS )

  • Spiti valley Travel Time – 7 to 8 hour
  • Spiti valley Camping Cost – 600 / head
  • Spiti valley Elevation of 14,600 ft
  • Spiti valley Difficulty Level – Difficult
  • Spiti valley temperature / Spiti valley weather  –  Hot sunny / chilling weather at night
  • Spiti valley Captured point: Chemai Lepcha , Demul (Yak Safari + Desert )

Spiti valley Trek packages

Day 4 – Demul to Lalung

This a easy day for you as most of the trail is gradually descending. After an hour there will be a lot of greeneries on your way. You have to trek for 10 km which will take 5 to 6 hours. you will cross over through several local villages and can experience their lifestyle all over the day.

Lalung is small village located in the elevation of 12,300 ft at the foot of Tangmar mountains. Local peoples believes that these mountains changes its colours if god wishes so. There is a thousand years old gompa in Lalung. Visit it and try to interact with locals as they can lead you to some less known places in this village. Spend your night here and prepare for the last day.

  • Spiti valley trek distanceDemul to Lalung ( 10 KMS )

  • Spiti Valley Travel Time – 5 to 6 hour
  • Spity Valley Camping Cost – 600 / head
  • Elevation of 14,300 ft
  • Spiti Valley Difficulty Level – Easy
  • Spiti valley temperature / Spiti valley weather  –  Beautiful sunny / Night is quite chilli
  • Spiti Valley Captured point: Old gompa , Color Changing Mountain

Spiti valley Trek

Day 5 – Lalung to Dhankar to Kaza

Dhankar is the former capital of Spiti valley located at the confluence of Spiti and Pin river.  This place offers a wide view of the valley. You have to trek for 5 hours to cover 9 kilometres to reach Dhankar. From Dhankar you can take a cab and visit Tabo Monastery which is a UNESCO world heritage site.  After spending some time here reach Kaza by evening and try to recollect the memories you made in the last 5 days and you explore the one more BEST HOLIDAY PLACE IN INDIA in your trek list of best plac to visit in india.

  • Spiti valley trek distanceLalung to Dhankar to Kaza ( 9 KMS )

  • Spiti Valley Travel Time – 5 to 6 hour
  • Elevation of 14,400 ft
  • Spiti Valley Difficulty Level – Moderate
  • Spiti valley temperature / Spiti valley weather  –  Spring sunny
  • Spiti Valley Captured point: Pin river , UNESCO world heritage site

Confirmation Policy

  • You get a confirmation mail on your register mail id you have to log in after selecting the Spiti valley Trek package.
  • Contact details of your guider is properly shared with you so you can directly touch with him.
  • You get a confirmation call from guider who aware you with each and every details you need to know at the point of trekking before 2 to 3 days.

Cancellation Policy

  • Any cancellation may done before 15 to 20 days of starting the trip may get 90% to 100% money back as depend upon different companies
  • Any cancellation may happen 7 days before starting the trip may charge 50% as cancellation charges and rest of the money refund back to you in 7 working days. If cancellation done before 2 days or on the same day of trip then nothing back from the company side.

Refund Policy

  • All the cancellation amount reflect to your account within 7 to 14 working days

FAQ Related to Spiti valley Trek Packages

A distance from Delhi to Spiti valley Trek  is around 800 km via NH 44 as per Google info.


The best time to visit Spiti valley Trek  is April to November just because of pleasant weather.


In a minimal amount of 500/- you can travel to Spiti valley Trek from Delhi.


No, It is located in a remote region where getting network connectivity is very difficult.


You have to start trekking in the morning around 11 am because it takes 5-6 hrs.


The total distance of the Spiti valley Trek is 15 km.

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